The Best Practical Gifts For Toddlers That Aren’t Junk!

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By: Heather

Looking for the perfect Practical gifts for Toddlers?

Can you even believe you are shopping for gifts for toddlers!? You blinked and all of a sudden that little tiny, warm, snuggly peanut baby turned into a funny, hyper, and let’s be honest, sometimes down right terrorizing, toddler! It’s no longer about swaddles, bottles, and rattles! 

Terrible Twos, “threenagers”…we were warned about this mamas. But I don’t think there’s really much you can actually do to prepare until you’re in the moment. 

All of a sudden your spit up covered clothes and sleepless nights are replaced with Oscar worthy melt downs and days filled with chasing around a tiny human that seems to only be interested in doing things to injure themselves! 

This image is of a toddler boy holding a present up to his face. The present has a big red ribbon. There is text overlay that says "26 best gifts for toddlers who have everything!"

There’s so much physical, mental, and emotional development going on, it’s no wonder they are so wild!

So what are the best and most practical gifts for toddlers that aide in this complicated developmental period, and burn out that Energizer Bunny energy?

Don’t worry, I’m here to help you find the perfect gifts for toddler who have everything. Whether you’re looking for unique gifts, fun gifts, or developmental gifts for 2-3 year old boys and girls.

As a means for providing for my family I may earn a small commission if you purchase through the links on this page.

Here’s some toys and gifts that are sure to keep your toddler’s mind busy and growing, and provide them with an  outlet to exhaust all of that pent up energy! (That doesn’t involve you running after them all day! Win-Win!)

1. Osmo Little Genius Starter Kit For Ipad

This educational toy for toddlers is really cool! As an added bonus, WiFi is NOT required for the games.

Our toddlers love their screen time but this combines screen time with real life educational and tangible toys! Great for developing STEM skills!

Get It Here!

2. 3D Magnetic Block Set

Let your little ones imagination run WILD with this awesome highly rated 3-D magnetic block set! The possibilities are truly endless and this is a gift for toddler girls and boys that will actually last them many years!  The only downside to this one is that it’s a lot of pieces…

Get It Here!

3. Rain Showers Splash Pond Water Table

This is one of my child’s ALL TIME FAVORITE toys! 

It’s honestly not that messy, so we have at times set it up inside on the kitchen floor with towels underneath to catch any stray splashes, but for the most part we keep this outside. 

It comes with little buckets, cups, toys (like rubber duck, frog, fish, etc.) It’s got a water wall with maze like funnels, a “make it rain” top, and more. This will entertain your little one for hours, for years to come! It’s definitely in the top 5 best gifts for toddlers!

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4. Cub Coats

A sweat shirt that has cute animal ears and folds into a stuffed animal…yes please! (Like, can they make this in adult sizes, please?!)

It’s available in 2T-5T, and there’s several animal options available. 

In addition to the Cat version shown here, I also really like the fox, spider man, sloth, and tiger.

Get It Here!

5. Corner Play Kitchen Set

Girl OR Boy, kitchen sets are great gifts for 2 year old toddlers and older!

This is a #1 best seller for obvious reasons. The corner design makes it fit nicely in your home, and it’s got a more visually appealing look then those old school chunky plastic ones that stick out like a sore thumb! It comes in white and espresso, and is nicer than the average adult’s kitchen, haha!

Plastic ice cubes fall from the ice maker when pressed, the burners light up and make cooking noises, it’s got fabric curtains, a cordless phone, oven, fridge, freezer, microwave…I mean, what doesn’t it have?

Get It Here!

6. Kids Trampoline

Every kid needs a good trampoline!

This one comes in black, blue, green, gray and pink. It’s really quick and simple to put together. I wouldn’t exactly classify myself as handy, but I put this together by myself in about 15 minutes!

It’s a great way for your hyper little toddler to burn off some of that energy! I really like this one. It’s high quality and a good size. I highly recommend!

Get It Here!

7. Montessori Inspired Busy Board For Toddlers

This busy board is superior to other busy boards! 

It has a handbag design with a zipper and handle making it perfect for on-the-go. 

It uses the  Montessori Method to strengthen skills such as self-dressing, cognitive and problem solving and fine motor development, using a hands on learning tactic. 

My child also has this similar method toy in book format which you can find here that she also loves. But having all of the activities laid out in front of you has it’s added benefits and I just love the bag design. 

Get It Here!

8. Washable 8 Colors Dot Markers Pack Set

This Dot Marker set is the perfect addition to your little ones craft supply kit, making it a great gift for 2 year old girls and boys! 

They have an easy grip design, and are specifically made to not dry out. Non Toxic, and washable. You really can’t go wrong here! These markers are also a commonly used tool in pre-school, kindergarten and home schooling!

Get It Here!

9. Fire HD Kids Edition Table – With Protective Case

I am not ashamed to admit that this tablet is an absolute LIFE SAVER for me and my husband!

It amazes me to see how my 2 year old quickly learned to navigate through all of the games, and select the specific one she wants to play, and then actually correctly play the game! It’s fun to watch her play a new game and see her starting out not knowing how to play, but then figuring it out (on her own!), and becoming a total whiz at it!

I totally agree with those that say your child shouldn’t play on electronics all day, every day, but this tablet has educational benefits, keeps my 2 year old entertained when I need to get things done or just enjoy a moment of peace and quiet, and she LOVES it. It’s all about moderation! Get the case in blue, pink or purple. 

I can’t recommend this enough!

Get It Here!

10. Soft Foam Indoor Bowling Set

At home family fun bowling night anyone?! 

I don’t know about you but my husband and I LOVE bowling. It’s so much fun!

While this version of bowling doesn’t have the same pazazz as being at the bowling alley, scarfing down fried foods and pitchers of beer being delivered straight to your table…it’s still a blast watching how much fun your little toddler has learning to roll the ball just right and knock down the pins! 

It’s made of soft foam, so it’s safe for the little ones, and for your hardwood floors!

Get It Here!

11. Kitchen Helper Tower

Our children are our little shadows. They thrive on mimicking what they see us do in every day life, and it’s so good for them to learn these skills. 

Cooking is such an important skill, but more than that…it’s special. Cooking is it’s own type of love language. I think most people would agree that they have fond childhood memories of cooking in the kitchen with their mom and grandma. It’s one of the most cherished childhood memories that people have. When you make a childhood family recipe, it has a unique way of transporting you back in time to a warm and cozy time of your life. I love it! 

This is the perfect gift for 2 year old girls and boys to allow them to safely help out in the kitchen and start forming those memories that will last a lifetime!

Get It Here!

12. Tots Art Start

Toddlers love arts and crafts, and it’s so great for their development! 

It comes with 6 activities that are amazing for introducing your toddler to different kinds of art projects! 

This specific set was the winner of Academics Choice Awards, ASTRA good toy award and NAPPA gold seal award. It also won Oppenheim gold seal award for best toy, PAL award and toy insider top holiday toy!

Get It Here!

13. Touch and Feel Activity Desk

The Touch and Learn Activity Desk is a great gift for 2 year old girls and boys, and beyond! You can also get it in pink.

This highly rated desk features over 100 vocabulary words, 20+ activities and more than 20 songs and melodies! There’s also a number of expansion packs that encompass a really large curriculum. 

Flip the desk table up and it transforms into an easel and chalk board! My daughter actually has two of these because one was given as a gift when we already had it, but we use both of them! We have one set up in our office so she can work at her desk, while I work at my desk, and we have one in our family room. She loves it!

Get It Here!

14. iPlay iLearn Unicorn Bouncy Horse

This highly rated, #1 best seller is made with nice, thick, durable, eco-friendly rubber and removeable plush cover. 

Your little one will go bananas over this ride on bouncy unicorn! Watch them hop on, grab the ears, and bounce away for countless hours of energy burning fun!

Its available in several animal options. My absolute favorites are the unicorn pictured here, the cow, and the bull!

Get It Here!

15. Little Tikes Princess Horse and Carriage

Surprise your little princess with this adorable Horse and Carriage!

The floor is removable for foot to floor power, or parents can push from the handle bar on the roof, or pull from the Unicorn’s reins! 

The Unicorn’s horn even turns and lights up!

Get It Here!

16. 12V Kids Ride On Jeep

This thing is AWESOME! When I was looking for gifts for toddlers, I knew this was an absolute MUST HAVE.

It has a built-in AUX outlet that allows your little one to plug in media devices and jam out to their own tunes while cruising around!

If old enough, your child can drive the car themselves, or for our younger ones that aren’t quite ready for that, you can safety drive it around using the parental remote control! 

My daughter loves cruising around our yard in this bad boy! 

It comes in blue, black, green, red, and white.

Get It Here!

17. Jumbo Cardboard Block Set

Omigosh! Who remembers these from when we were kids?! 

I remember building forts and play houses with these things! (24 pieces per set)

Super durable and a great tool for exercising their little imaginations! 

Get It Here!

18. Doodle Board

How cute is this little doodle board?

It comes in pink and blue, and would make an awesome gift for your 2 year old, or older child! It’s AMAZING for keeping them entertained on car rides!

All moms love mess free activities!

Get It Here!

19. Play-Doh Max The Cement Mixer Toy

Grab this Amazon Exclusive, highly rated Play-Doh construction truck toy!

It comes with 3 accessories and 4 tubs of Play-Doh. Your little one will love this!

Get It Here!

20. 12 Piece Cleaning Set

If only our children would always like cleaning. Soon enough it’ll be a fight to get them to do their chores. But for now, our precious little toddlers love doing what they see us doing!

Get them their own special cleaning set so they can start practicing, and help out with the cleaning!

My daughter loves this set. She’s been known to use the bucket as more of a hat (lol!), but she loves sweeping the floor with the broom and mop, and dusting the dogs with her little duster. 

Get It Here!

21. Kids Tent and Camping Tools

This camping set is so fun and a perfect gift for your toddler of any age!

It includes a collapsible tent and 18 camping necessities. (AA Batteries required)

You can set it up inside, or really make it realistic and set up outside for a pretend camping experience!

Get It Here!

BONUS ITEM: Really step up your game and make a super special night for your toddler with this star projector !

22. Princess Tent

If camping isn’t your little ones thing, and you’ve got more of a princess on your hands, grab this adorable princess tent!

We have this for my daughter and she loves having her own little private space to take her toys and look through her books!

Get It Here!

23. The World Needs More Purple People

This book by Kristen Bell and Benjamin Hart is a must read! I honestly think it’s an important book for both children and adults to read, especially in the world we’re living in these days. 

This book is all about embracing who you are, but also the things that we all have in common! This world is so divided, we often forget that at the core, we’re all humans. We all have common ground. And kindness, openness, acceptance, and willingness to learn is key!

When shopping for gifts for toddlers, it’s always good to include some gifts that teach kindness!

Get It Here!

24. My Giant Busy Box Craft Kit

This kit has 16 fun and simple projects perfect for a cold or rainy day when you’re stuck inside!

Winner of the Parents Choice Approved Award!

This awesome kit includes buttons, dough, crayons, doilies, flowers, feathers, eyes, bags, pipe cleaners, frames, boards, stickers, paper, tissue, glue stick and instructions for all 16 projects. 

Get It Here!

25. Crayola Color Wonder Magic Light Brush

This Mess Free Painting set from Crayola is pure genius!

The paint is a clear gel that doesn’t show up on any surface except for the special Wonder Magic paper. When you dip the paint brush in one of the colors, the brush lights up as that color!

It’s one of the best affordable gifts for toddlers for sure!

Get It Here!

Now that you have your list of BEST gifts for toddlers, you’re ready to put a big smile on that little face! Whether you’re looking for Christmas presents, Easter presents, birthday presents, or whatever else…happy Shopping!

26. Double Sided Chalkboard + Dry Erase Board

If you’re looking for gifts for toddlers that have everything…add this to the list. This double-sided chalk board and dry erase board is the perfect gift! I got this for my toddler for her 2nd birthday, and she’s still using it well over a year later.

Not only will your little one have fun drawing on it, but I also love this gift for toddlers because it’s educational. I use it to do little pre-school lessons with her such as practicing letter recognition, and counting.

Turn your living room into a little pre-school with this perfect present!

Get It Here!

27. Scribble Scrubbie Pets

My toddler LOVES her Scribble Scrubbie pets. It entertains her for a long time because when she’s done drawing her designs on the pets, she washes them off in the little tub, and does it all over again!

You just put a little bit of water in the tub, then you press the button and the water comes out of the faucet, and the marker easily scrubs off of the pets, so you can do an all new design. Highly recommend!


28. Paint Your Own Squishies

These Squishies are so fun to paint. It adds a fun twist to painting, rather than painting on boring ol’ paper, or ceramics.

As an added bonus…my toddler painted one for me and I took it to work and use it as my stress-ball throughout the work day, lol!


29. Plugo Letters

Educational gifts for toddlers are a must on your Christmas list. This Plugo Letters work game is perfect to help your toddler get ahead of the curve. Teaching toddler’s letter recognition in a HUGE part in toddlers learning to read and write.


30. The Preschool Box

Each monthly subscription box has activities and concepts to help your toddler thrive in Preschool and be totally ready for Kindergarten!

I really appreciate that the program is designed as a “work at your own pace” approach. Because let’s face it…we’re all busy. Plus some kids may need extra time to really grasp certain lessons.

Every box includes hands on activities, crafts, and worksheets that you can work on with your child with as much or as little assistance as needed. Each box has a set of focus skills so each month you will have new and exciting material to work with.

What Types Of Things Will My Toddler Learn?







31. Storypod – Interactive Audio Learning System

Storypods are perfect for ages 3-9! There’s tons of options you can get, including the Owl version pictured here. They also have Daniel the Tiger, sheep, fox, puffin, etc. You can buy multiple character “toppers” to switch it up, which is really fun. (They’re called “Crafties”) Toddlers/Kids just tap any Craftie, Audiobook or Trivia Card on top of the device and it activates educational and entertaining audio content (Music/Songs, Fables, Fairy Tales, Stories, Biographies, and more!)

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