About Me

Hey, I’m Heather!

I graduated from Towson University in 2010, where I met my now husband and father of my precious little toddler!

I grew up extremely close and admittedly quite emotionally and mentally dependent on my parents. They were my rocks, and they could make any situation better. They always knew what to do!

motherhood, babies and toddlers

My mom passed away from cancer when I was 24, and my dad passed of a heart attack about a year later. So I entered this motherhood journey without that strong parental support system that I had become so accustomed to my entire life.

The anxiety around this only heightened due to the fact that I had a very high risk and traumatic pregnancy, and while I am just beyond grateful that she made it into this world safety, my daughter has health complications that we continue to navigate through each day.

While navigating through this journey of motherhood, I have learned A LOT. There are a lot of things I know now, that I wish I had known from the beginning. Things like what baby products I actually need, how to get your baby to sleep through the night, tips on introducing solid foods to your baby, and how to wrangle a crazy toddler without legitimately pulling your hair out!

I’ve also learned the hard way how critical it is to take care of YOURSELF. The importance of self care is completely lost on so many moms out there!

Especially with social media, we live in a society that is just oozing with judgement everywhere you turn. Mom Shaming is an ugly reality that we face on a regular basis as soon as we get that positive pregnancy test!

With a constant unspoken competition to be the top “Pinterest Mom”, moms are too often killing themselves just trying to keep up with the supermom next door. It’s EXHAUSTING. And it’s STUPID!

I created Mom-Thoughts to offer REALISTIC, and non judgmental parenting advice from a fellow everyday mom who has and continues to be in your shoes. I want to be here for all of the other moms out there that don’t have someone to ask the questions to, or for those moms that simply don’t want to ask the questions for fear of being assaulted with a big ol’ sucker punch of mom guilt straight to the gut!

Welcome to the club mama!

Got a question? Reach out to me at [email protected]!