11 Magical Tooth Fairy Ideas All Kids Will Love!

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By: Heather

Check out these amazing tooth Fairy Ideas

When your child loses their first tooth, it’s time to find the best tooth fairy ideas to make the milestone extra special!

Parents these days like to get extra creative when it comes to celebrating milestones with their children. Whether it be a birthday, first holiday, or losing their first tooth. Our babies are only this little once, so why not have some fun with it!

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What Should The Tooth Fairy Leave?

There are so many fun tooth fairy ideas to make the experience memorable. You can leave notes, certificates, small gifts, and so on. No matter what “extra” surprise you choose, it’s most common to also leave a small amount of money in exchange for that special tooth.

How Much Does The Tooth Fair Leave?

According to Delta Dental, the tooth fairy seems to pay out different amounts depending on where you’re located in the United States. (Midwest seems to pay smaller amounts.) However, $5 per tooth seems to be a good average to go on.


1. Glitter Dusted Money

Leaving plain dollar bills is so boring! Spice things up by spraying a little of this Fairy Dust on the bill(s).


2. Leave Behind The Tooth Fairy’s Wand

Oops! The Tooth Fairy forgot her wand! This is such a simple, yet fun idea! Your child may even have fun leaving a note for the Tooth Fairy when they lose their next tooth letting her know that she forgot her wand before!


3. Sprinkle Fairy Dust On The Window Sill

You know what they say…”She leaves a little sparkle, where ever she goes!” Get some of this Fairy Dust, and leave a small amount on the window sill of your child’s bedroom. You can even put little footprints in it. Your little one will be so excited to see that in the morning.


4. Sprinkle Fairy Dust Outside Of The Home

If you don’t like the idea of putting any glitter inside your house, you can also sprinkle some fairy dust outside of your home. You could put it on the sidewalk leading up to the front door, or outside of the bedroom if it’s reachable. It could be a tradition to run outside in the morning to see if the tooth fairy left behind any trace!


5. “Install” A Tooth Fairy Door

This Tooth Fairy Door is almost too cute.

There’s a even a small space available when you open the door where your child could leave notes for the Tooth Fairy, and vice versa. It also comes with foot print stencil perfect for making little Fairy Dust foot prints!


6. Tooth Fairy Certificate

Have the Tooth Fairy leave behind a certificate!

You can DIY a Tooth Fairy Certificate, or just pick up these super cheap ones from Amazon. They’re adorable, and you can fill in the information for name, date, number of teeth, and certify the tooth as healthy, clean, bright and/or strong.


7. Tooth Fairy Pillow

This Tooth Fairy Pillow Kit includes everything you need to make a memorable experience when your child loses a tooth.

It includes:

Embroidered Tooth Pillow with mask and cape and a hidden pocket on the back under the cape to keep the tooth and money secure.

Tooth Fairy Notepad that engages your child with a diagram to document which tooth was lost and how it was lost and a sheet for your child to write a note to the tooth fairy. (Includes enough sheets for all baby teeth.)

Keepsake Pouch holds a 3” x 2.5” photograph of your child with their missing tooth.


8. Tooth Fairy Letter – Free Printable

Have the Tooth Fairy leave behind a special letter with this FREE Printable Tooth Fairy Letter.

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    9. Tooth Fairy Box

    This is a PERFECT Tooth Fairy idea for all of the light sleepers out there! The last thing you want to do is ruin the whole experience by getting busted when you’re trying to get the tooth from underneath the pillow!

    Instead, use this Tooth Fairy Box for the tooth and money exchange! You won’t even need to go near your little one’s bed and risk waking them up.


    10. Read A Special Tooth Fairy Book Before Bed

    Prepare for the Tooth Fairy’s arrival by reading a fun Tooth Fairy book before going to bed for the night.

    How To Catch The Tooth Fairy” by Adam Wallace is a mom favorite!


    11. Dollar Coin Printable

    You can get a dollar coin from your local bank, and put it on a fun printable to make it more exciting.

    Check out a FREE Printable from Hello, Wonderful HERE.


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