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In This Article You’ll Find: 149 awesome One Syllable Girl Names

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Choosing a name for your baby is a fun yet challenging task! Must like parenthood in general!

There are a lot of different strategies you can use when deciding on a baby name. Maybe you want a longer name because you like the complexity or you feel it sounds distinguished. Maybe it’s most important to you to choose a unique baby name that will make your child’s name stand out in a crowd.  

In my opinion one syllable names are especially great if you have a longer last name! They also make perfect middle names. I also just think one syllable names have a certain “swag” to them! 

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Maybe you like a combination of simple, yet unique baby names with special meanings. 

So what are unique baby names?

Unique baby names for girls (or boys) can mean different things to different people. Maybe the meaning of the name is the part that is unique because it holds a special place in your heart for whatever reason.

I think most people’s goal with selecting a unique name for their baby girl (or boy) is that they want it to stand out. They don’t want there to be 5 other kids in the class with the same name. A lot of parents want the names to be unique, but not TOO out there.

These one syllable girl names are absolutely perfect for that!

Check Out These 149 Cool and Unique One Syllable Girl Names!


Anne | (French) – Meaning “Grace”. This name can also be spelled Ann.


Bea | (Latin) – Meaning “Bringer of joy”. 

Beck | (Hebrew, English) –  Meaning “Brook”. This could be a 1 syllable nickname for the name Rebecca

Belle | (French) – Meaning “Beautiful”. Any Beauty And The Beast fans out there?!

Beth | (Hebrew) – Often a short 1 syllable nickname for Elizabeth meaning “Oath of God”.

Blaire | (Scotish) – Plain Field

Blake | (English) – Meaning Fair-haired or dark. (Raise your hand if you’re a Blake Lively fan!)

Bree | (Irish) – Strength 

Brooke | (English) – Small Stream

Brynn | (Welsh) – Meaning “Hill”

Byrd | (English) – Bird


Cher | (French) – Meaning “Deer”

Claire | (French) – Clear

Chlo | (Greek) – Lovely one syllable nickname for the name Chloe, meaning “Bloom”. 

Clove | (French/Latin) – Nail


Dale | (English) – Valley

Dawn | (English) – Meaning the “first appearance of light”

Deb | (Hebrew) – Bee

Dee | (Welsh) – Swarthy. It’s a great 1 syllable nickname for the Welsh name Deirdre.


Elle | (French) – Meaning “She”

Eve | (Hebrew) – Living


Faine | (English) – Happy and Joyous 

Faith | (Latin) – This lovely one syllable name means “Confidence, Trust, and belief”. 

Fawn | (French) – Young Deer

Fay | (French) – Fairy

Fern | (English) – Fearn (Someone who lives among ferns)

France | (Latin) – Land of the Franks


Gem | (Latin) – Gem or Jewel

Gen | (Japanese) – Spring

Grace | (Latin) – Gracious 

Greer | (Scottish) – This unique one syllable name means “Watchful” or “Vigilant”. 

Gwen | (Welsh) – Holy


Hope | (English) – Beacon, Signal Light


Iff | (African) – Love


Jade | (Spanish) – “Stone of the colic”. This comes from the belief that placing a Jade gemstone on a baby’s stomach could cure colic. 

Jan | (Hebrew) – Gift from God

Jane | (Hebrew) – Yahweh is gracious 

Jai | (Latin) – This hip one syllable name means “blue crested bird”

Jazz | (Persian) – This could be an adorable 1 syllable nickname for Jasmine. “Jasmine Flower”

Jean | (Hebrew) – God is gracious

Jess | (Hebrew) – The Lord exists. It could also be a one syllable nickname for Jessica, meaning “Rich, or God beholds). 

Jem | (Hebrew) – Supplanter

Jewel | (French) – “Plaything or delight” A precious Gem

Jez | (Hebrew) – This is a great one syllable nickname for Jezebel. Meaning “Impure”.

Jill | (English) – Child of the Gods

Jin | (Chinese) – Bright and Beautiful

Joan | (Hebrew) – This pretty one syllable girl name means “God is gracious”

Joi | (French) – Joy

Joss | (English) – This unique girl’s name means “the merry one”.

Joy | (English) – It comes to no surprise that this one syllable girl’s name means “happiness and joyful”. 

Joyce | (French) – Lord

June | (Latin) – The month of June was named for the Roman Goddess Juno. Juno is the goddess of Marriage and Childbirth.


Kai | (Hawaiian) – I love a good hawaiian name. This one syllable girl name means “Sea” or “Ocean”. 

Kat | (Greek) – This girl’s name meaning “pure”, could also be a one syllable nickname for Katherine, or Kaitlyn. 

Kate | (English) – Pure

Kay | (Greek) – This name also means “pure” from Greek origin. 

Kei | (Japanese) – Meaning “happy child”

Kez | (Hebrew) – This is great 1 syllable nickname for the name Kenzia which means “Cassia Tree”.

Ki | (Koren) – Arisen

Kim | (English) – Cyneburg’s field. This name is also a Korean name meaning “gold”. 

Kit | (Greek) – Bearing Christ

Kye | (Welsh) – Keeper of the keys, narrow, straight.

These unique one syllable girl names are PERFECT for any girl. These baby names would be great for first names or middle names. There's also some great one syllable nickname options!


Lake | (English) – A body of water that runs deep.

Lane | (English) – A Small roadway or path.

Layne | (Middle Eastern) – Also meaning “path or roadway”.

Leaf | (English) – Dear, darling 

Leigh | (English) – Meadow/delicate 

Lex | (Greek) – Man’s defender or warrior. This would also make an adorable one syllable nickname for the names Alexa, Lexi or Alexis!

Lil | (Latin) – Lily flower

Lin | (Latin) – Pretty

Liv | (Swedish) – Life. This could also be a good one syllable nickname for Olivia.

Liz | (Hebrew) – Meaning “God’s Promise”. 

Lo | (Swedish) – Lynx

Lux | (Latin) – This unique one syllable name means “light”. 

Lynn | (Welsh) – Lake. Can also be spelled “Lynne”.


Mae | (English) – Meaning “bitter” or “pearl”. I think the name Mae is absolutely adorable for girls.

Maeve | (Irish) – Intoxicating 

Mai | (Vietnamese) – Plum flower

Maine | (French) – Mainland

Mare | (Irish) – Star of the sea

May | (English) – The fifth month

Meg | (Greek) – This is a one syllable nickname for the Greek name “Margaret” which means “pearl”. 

Mei | (Chinese) – Beautiful. This is also a Latin name meaning “great one”. 

Ming | (Chinese) – Bright

Moon | (Native American/English) – Beautiful


Nan | (Hebrew) – Grace

Neith | (Egyptian) – Divine Mother

Nell | (Latin) – Shining Light

Neve | (Latin) – Snow

Noon | (Dutch) – The time of brightest sunshine

Noor | (Arabic) – The divine light

North | (English) – Geographic Direction


Oak | (English) – Meadow of Oak trees


Pai | (Hindu) – Lord

Paige | (Latin) – Young Helper

Pam | (Greek) – Honey or all sweetness. (Any fellow fans of The Office out there? It’s one of my all time favorite tv shows!)

Park | (Chinese) – Cypress Tree

Paz | (Spanish) – Peace

Peace | (American) – Meaning well…”being at peace, peace”. 

Pearl | (English) – The beautiful small, smooth, round bead formed by mollusks. 

Pip | (Greek) – Horse lover

Plum | (English) – Living by a plum tree

Poe | (English) – Peacock


Quill | (Irish) – Descendant of Coll/Hazel Tree

Quinn | (Irish) – Counsel


Rae | (Hebrew) – Female sheep

Rain | (American) – This unique name means “Abundant Blessings from Above”. I love this meaning!

Rayne | (Scandinavian) – Counsel, Song

Ree | (Hebrew) – To bind

Reese | (Welsh) – Ardent or Fiery 

Ren | (Japanese) – Water Lily or Lotus

Rez | (Hungarian) – Having copper colored hair. Anyone expecting a redhead?!

Rive | (Latin) – Regain Strength 

Rogue | (English) – Unpredictable

Rome | (Hebrew) – Strong and Powerful

Rose | (Latin) – Rose/A flower

Rue | (English) – Regret

Ruth | (Hebrew) – This old school girl’s name is ready for a comeback! It means “Friend”.


Sage | (Latin) – Wise

Sam | (English) – God has heard. I feel like this would be such a special name for people who struggled with getting pregnant. “God has heard their prayers”. 

Shea | (Gaelic) – Admirable 

Shell | (German) – Wild or Clamorous. This is a cute one syllable nickname for the name Michelle.

Shore | (English) – Living by the seashore

Skye | (Scottish) – The sky

Sloane | (Irish) – Meaning “man of arms” or “warrior”. (Girls are warriors too!)

Snow | (English) – Frozen Rain or Light Haired

Spence | (English) – Dispenser or provisions

Star | (American) – Literal meaning of a “star”.

Storm | (English) – Tempest

Sue | (Hebrew) – Lily


Tai | (Chinese) – Big

Tal | (Hebrew) – Dew

Tay | (English) – Tailor 

Teal | (American) – A beautiful greenish blue color.

Tess | (English) – To harvest 

Trace | (American) – Meaning “Brave”

True | (English) – This inspiring name was most recently (and famously) used by Khloe Kardashian.


Ume | (Japanese) – Plum Blossom Child


Vale | (English) – Lives in the valley

Vi | (Latin) – Purple or Lively 

Viv | (Latin) – Lively


Will | (English) – Resolute Protector 

Wren | (Wren) – A small brown song bird

Wynn | (Welsh) – Fair or Pure


Xin | (Chinese) – Meaning “Beautiful” or being “Elegant”


Yule | English – Winter Solstice 


Zee | (Hebrew) – Wolf

Zen | (Japanese) – This peaceful one syllable name means religious, religious meditation or living. 

Zhen | (Chinese) – Meaning a “treasure”

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