6 Formula Feeding Hacks!

Whether you’re exclusively formula feeding, or supplementing in addition to breastfeeding, do yourself a favor and check out these 6 Formula Feeding Hacks that make things SO much easier, and more affordable!

No matter how you chose to (or have to) feed your baby, it comes with challenges. Newborns have to eat SO OFTEN! Sometimes it feels like your entire day just consists of making bottle after bottle…after bottle. 

Before having my daughter, I really didn’t have much experience or exposure to babies. I was the youngest child, and I was the first of my local friends to have a baby. I couldn’t believe how many bottles I was going through during the day. Not to mention the 5-6 bottles throughout the night! 

It can get a little “inconvenient” at times to say the least, but oh-my-gosh…the MONEY! Formula is SO expensive, and babies go through it so quickly!

PSA: If ya’ll know a mom that formula feeds and you’re wanting to get something for her baby to help her out…FORMULA! 

Ok, but in my experience people aren’t going to buy you formula as a gift because it’s not “fun”. I think some people may also worry about getting the wrong kind. So most likely you’re going to be on your own for this one. 

But the good news is that formula DOESN’T NEED TO BREAK THE BANK! There are ways to save money, and even ways to make those night time and on-the-go feedings MUCH easier. 

Check out these tricks!

60% off Certified Pre-owned

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Sign up on the formula brand website!

Most companies will then send you a Welcome Kit which includes sample tins of their product.

FREE FORMULA? Yes please!

Then, they will continue to send you coupons in the mail, which really help out. For infant formula it’s usually $3-$5 off. For Enfamil Toddler Nutrition Drink specifically, I’m getting $15 off coupons in the mail on an on-going basis. 

After a decent amount of research, reviews, and conversations with my doctors, we went with Enfamil. We are, and always have been very happy with that decision. (You can check out the detailed information as to why Enfamil is a good formula choice for your baby HERE.)

You can sign up here for their Subscribe and Save Program, which will save you 10% each time!

Formula is not cheap, so why pay full price when you don’t have to!?

They also have a Reward System. You get 75 points right away just for signing up, and then you earn 1 point for every $1 you spend! Check out the reward system HERE to see how you can redeem your points for FREE formula!

Purchase via Amazon’s Subscribe and Save Program

By purchasing on the Subscribe and Save option in Amazon, you’ll save 5%-15% each time!

The more items you have set up for Subscribe and Save, the higher percentage discount you get on all of those products. So you could also add other items that you need on a regular basis such as diapers, wipes, bubble bath, diaper genie refills, etc.

It also saves you money if you buy in bulk!

Ask your pediatrician’s office for samples

Formula companies send sample tins to Pediatricians, so they can provide them to their patients in an attempt to gain additional customers. 

Often times your doctor will give you multiple sample containers at each visit! If they don’t offer…just ask. It never hurts to ask and it can end up saving you hundreds over time!

Ok, now for some convenience and time savings hacks!

On-The-Go Feeding

There is no way you’re going to want to (or even be able to) jam an entire formula container in your diaper bag. And it’s also a pain in the butt to have to measure out the formula when you’re out and about and on the go.

Get this Sectioned Formula Container that is divided into 3 different sections. You’d just fill each section with the amount of formula needed for 1 bottle.

Night Time Feedings

Set up a feeding station right by your bed at night which includes bottles pre-filled with the correct amount of water, and the formula. Be sure you set up enough bottles to last you through the night. 

When it’s 3 am, you’re sleepy, and you’ve already been woken up several times, this just makes it SO much easier.

Otherwise, you’ll have to continue to get up and go all the way to the kitchen to get the supplies for every-single-bottle. That’s no fun. You’ll just end up getting even less sleep that way, and your baby will need to wait longer for their bottle, getting more and more upset. 

Start with ROOM TEMPERATURE bottles!

Last hack. And I CANNOT stress this enough. 

A lot of people think baby’s bottles need to be heated in order for them to drink it, but that’s not the case. I actually used to think that as well until my daughter’s NICU nurse and doctors confirmed that’s actually not true. It’s just a preference for some babies. Room temperature bottles are perfectly fine.

Do yourself a favor and DON’T create a habit or preference for warm bottles!

You won’t have to worry about accidentally making it too hot, or little “hot pockets” from it not heating evenly. It’ll save you the time, trouble, and expense of having to heat each bottle. And just keep in mind, newborns need a bottle every 2-3 hours or more!