Self Care Tips For Moms – Because You’re Worth it!

Self Care For Moms

Are you feeling that classic “mom burn out”? In desperate need of a break? We may be “Super Moms”, but at the end of the day…we’re human.

Without making a true commitment to understanding and implementing self care for moms, it’s only a matter of time before you reach your breaking point. 

Taking a 3 minute shower, going to the bathroom alone, going grocery shopping…these things are NOT self care! Those are literally bare minimum essentials for simply keeping yourself alive. 

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It’s easy for moms to get caught up in a mind set of “I don’t have time for self care”. But think of it this way, do you ever tell yourself that you don’t have time to feed your child that day, you don’t have time to give them their medicine, you don’t have time to change their diaper that day…absolutely not. You know why? 

Because you look at those things as priorities. Those things need to get done, no matter what else is going on.

Trust me when I say, your mental well-being, and your mental stability is 100% a HIGH priority. Your family depends on you to be in a good mental state. Self care is how you protect, maintain, and achieve your mental well-being.

Self Care For Moms

All too often moms put selfcare on the back burner. They suck it up day after day, putting everything and everyone before their mental health. Each day is filled with overwhelming feelings of stress, anxiety, resentment, and exhaustion. 

They go to bed feeling guilty because they lost their tempers and yelled over something small. 

They go to bed feeling guilty that they overreacted about something with their spouse. 

Then one day, it all becomes too much, and they break.

I’ve struggled with mental health, specifically depression and anxiety since before I became a mom. 

My anxiety and depresion started when I was the victim of sexual assault as a teenager. But I bottled it up, and kept it all to myself, and told myself I was fine. It heightened when my mom got sick with cancer. And shortly after, when my mom and dad passed away only a year apart from each other…my anxiety and depression was almost unbearable.

But I kept telling myself I was fine, and I put no real effort into taking care of myself, and my mental well-being. Finally, as i got a little older, and I knew a child was in my not too distant future, I knew I needed to figure out how to take care of myself. The only way to truly take care of someone else, and love someone else, is to make sure you’re taking care of yourself with equal priority.

Loving and caring for yourself IS loving and caring for your child.

Make the commitment to self care today! Check out these simple ideas for Self Care for Moms, that only take 30 minutes! Incorporate them daily, or weekly! (AT LEAST weekly!)

30 Minute At Home Self Care "Spa Night"

This is my absolute favorite and most recommended self care activity for moms to do once a week!

I am totally committed to this, and have been for years. So I know just how to create a peaceful, relaxing experience so you can clear your mind and recharge. An added, but IMPORTANT benefit is that this includes skin care which is a critical habit that many women lose track of. 

Here’s how you create the best in home spa experience!

Step 1: Get a nice warm bubble bath going
  • I absolutely swear by This Dr. Teals Bubble Bath. There’s several variations, but my favorite is the Soothe and Sleep with Lavender. It’s very affordable, and the scent is so relaxing. It has pure Epsom Salt in it, so it helps revitalize those worn out, tired and achy muscles. 
  •  Don’t forget your bath tray! I got myself this nice Wooden Bath Tray and I LOVE it. 
  • I also like to throw a Bath Bomb in with the bubble bath. These Bath Bombs are amazing and extra fizzy. They are formulated with Shea and Cocoa Butter which is amazing for softening and moisturizing the skin. You’ll get out of the bath feeling baby soft! (Based on the reviews, I’m not the only one who is obsessed!)
Step 2: Face Mask Time!
Step 3: Get That Candle Light Glowing

Fire up a soothing scented candle. I really like this one from Malicious Women Candle Co

A portion of the proceeds for this candle go to empowering women in need!!


Step 4: Sit back, Relax and enjoy an awesome podcast or audible Book

Don’t have Audible Plus yet? No worries! Click Here to try it for FREE

This is awesome for listening to audible books, or podcasts anywhere, anytime. I listen to them during my self care times, as well as during my long commutes to work. I unfortunately have an hour commute to work each day, so it’s nice to have something to listen to instead of the same songs over and over again!

You can also play music or even spa sounds if that’s more your speed. Personally I like podcasts and audible books better though. It’s more of a peaceful mental distraction for me. (High anxiety mommy over here, lol)

Step 5: Finishing Up your self care spa experience 

Finish up with some calming and moisturizing lotions. (Face AND body!)




Sometimes moms need an extra push to remember to make time for their self care. 

Did you know you can get a monthly subscription box filled with things to help with your self care and mental health?! It’s so cool. I’m a big fan of subscription boxes because it’s literally like a little surprise present for yourself every month! 

Check out This Amazing Box For Self Care!!

It only costs $30, but you get over $120 worth of self care stuff!! (The November box is going to have over $165 dollars worth of self care goodies! Grab it now before it’s too late!!)

The box includes things such as aromatherapy, natural and organic bath, body, and skincare products, and other lifestyle goodies!

Self Care Tips For New Moms

Go For A 30 Minute Walk

This one is especially great if it’s a nice day outside!

Regardless of the weather though, I try to fit in a 30 minute walk EVERY DAY. I started doing this in the spring, and all through summer and fall. So we’ll see what happens when the frigid cold months come, but it has been life changing for me! 

Not only has it helped me lose weight, but it also simultaneously encouraged me to chose healthier foods, and has been an absolute game changer for my mental health. It was on these daily walks where I actually became inspired to start my blog. It’s something that I had thought about off and on for years, but never attempted. Those walks were like my form of meditation, and something happened…I can’t even explain exactly what. But during those walks, I would make it a point to focus on positive thinking. I decided for once in my life to believe in myself, and to bet on myself. And well, here we are. 

Put on your walking shoes, and get out there! At the very least it will help to clear your mind, and have a positive impact on your physical and mental health! 

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30 Minutes of Journaling

This is another thing that has proven to be beneficial to my mental health, and 30 minutes is plenty of time!

This is my absolute favorite for journal time. After using it myself, I have since bought it for 3 different friends who were struggling with mental health. It has a unique and fun twist and the “activities” help you to have something to focus on and write about. It also helps to get your mind in a good place. 

Congratulations, you did it! You prioritized your mental health with self care, and now you can carry on being an even better mom and spouse! 
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