How To: Realistic 3 Year Old Schedule (FREE PRINTABLE!)

This post is all about creating a realistic 3 year old schedule.

creating a realistic 3 Year Old Schedule That You Can Actually Stick to!

Three is such a fun, magical and CHALLENGING year! At three years old, our children have really shifted into the next phase of life and have learned so many new skills. Typically they will be speaking in sentences, recognizing their shapes and colors, learning to count, and so on. Their personalities also really blossom at this age. It’s so fun (and exhausting) to watch!

One of the biggest questions that parents find themselves asking is “What do I do with my 3 year old all day?!” Especially when they are no longer taking naps. 


3 year old schedule printable
daily routine for 3 year old

When it comes to your 3 year old’s schedule, it’s important to include fun, learning, quiet time and love. The bonding experience with your child during these activities can be truly amazing! 

In this article you’ll see some examples of 3 year old schedules, tips for getting your 3 year old on a schedule, benefits of a daily routine for a 3 year old, and you’ll even get access to our FREE 3 Year Old Schedule Printable. 


A lot of us struggle with having solid routines for ourselves, so having to also stick to one for our 3 year old can feel really impossible. Having a physical, written out schedule can really help you stay on track! Don’t panic if you have to make some adjustments here and there throughout the day…life happens. But having that blueprint for your day to reference will help to ensure you stick to a relatively consistent routine. 

Check out these examples of a 3 year old schedule:


7AM: Wake up

7:30AM: Breakfast 

8AM: Brush Teeth and Get Dressed

8:30AM: Independent Play (Coloring, play with toys, etc.)

9:30AM: Learning Activity

10:30AM: Outside Play/Physical Activity

11:30AM: Lunch

12:30PM: Clean Up From Lunch (Have your 3 year old help)

1PM: Run Errands

2:30PM: Snack

3PM: Nap/Quiet Time

4PM: Outdoor Play/Play With Toys

5PM: Make Dinner

7PM: Bathtime and Snuggle Time

8:30PM: Read a Book and Bedtime 


7:30AM: Wake Up

8AM: Breakfast

9AM: Get Dressed and Brush Teeth

9:30AM: House Chores (Have your 3 year old help)

11AM: Lunch

12PM: Clean Up From Lunch (Have your 3 year old help)

12:30PM: Nap/Quiet Time

2PM: Learning Activity

3PM: Outdoor Play/Physical Activity

4PM: Independent Play (Coloring, play with toys, etc.)

6PM: Make Dinner

7:30AM: Bathtime and Snuggle Time

8:30PM: Read a Book and Bedtime

Example 3: Flexible 

Morning Activities (6AM-11AM)

  • Get dressed
  • Brush Teeth
  • Learning Activity
  • Breakfast
  • Independent Play

Afternoon Activities (12PM-4PM)

  • Outdoor play
  • Independent Play
  • Learning Activity
  • Lunch
  • Nap/Quiet Time
  • Errands
    House Chores
  • Movie
  • Physical Activity

Evening Activities: (5PM-9PM)

  • Dinner
  • Independent Play
  • Bath
  • Read Books
  • Relax/Snuggle Time
3 year old schedule

Tips for getting your 3 year old on a schedule

Creating the schedule for your three year old is the first step. Next comes the hard part, actually sticking to it and being successful with getting your 3 year old to follow a routine. 

Don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be THAT hard. If you follow some simple best practices, it’ll make everything much easier. You’ll likely even start seeing improvements in your 3 year old’s overall behavior! The structured days will be imperative in making sure all of their mental, physical and emotional needs are met.



Like many things in life, consistency is key. If you randomly follow a schedule one day a month, it’ll have no impact on your 3 year old. It needs to be part of your everyday life. 


Having a physical print out of the daily schedule that you’re attempting to follow will help to hold you accountable, and will help you stay on track. Download the FREE TODDLER SCHEDULE PRINTABLE at the bottom of this post. Fill it in with your specific schedule, and hang it on your fridge, or somewhere that will keep it visible throughout the day. 


It’s okay to have some slight variations on the weekend, but try to keep your overall daily schedule and routine in place on the weekends too! Otherwise when Monday rolls around each week it’ll be a new mountain to climb all over again.


Don’t bite off more you can chew by making a schedule that is near impossible to stick to. The example schedules in this post are just that…examples. Make it your own. Just do your best to work in a learning activity, physical activity (outdoor when weather permits), independent quiet play, and reading. 


If you make a schedule, then realize your specific toddler is in a better mental space for a learning activity in the afternoon rather than the morning, then make the adjustment! It may take a few adjustments before you get a schedule down that is just right for you and your 3 year old. 


You can be both flexible and consistent at the same time, believe it or not. So many parents get completely derailed when something unexpected throws off their planned schedule. They throw their hands up in the air with an “ugh! Oh well, I tried! I just can’t have a schedule with my crazy life!” Don’t let last minute changes totally derail you. Just because your morning gets thrown off track, doesn’t mean you can’t make adjustments and get back on schedule by afternoon or evening. 

3 year old daily schedule

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Tips For Using the FREE 3 Year Old Schedule Printable

  1. Save on paper and printer ink. Only print once, then use these easy Peel and Stick Laminating Sheets (NO Laminating Machine Required) I use these sheets for all of my printables! I make fun labels for my toddler’s birthday party decorations and I use it for them too.
  2. Then you can just use dry erase markers, and erase and start new each day. (As needed…some of the schedule will likely be staying the same from day to day.

This printable toddler schedule also includes a spot for Meal Planning for the day, and a place for you and your little one to identify something positive from the day! There is a version with specific time slots for my super planner moms out there. There’s also a more “flexible” version which is just split between “Morning” “Afternoon” and “Evening”.


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