35 Mother Daughter Date Ideas All Moms Should Do!

This post is all about mother daughter date ideas for young kids.

mother daughter date ideas
By: Heather

35 super Special Mother Daughter Date Ideas for young kids

Mommy daughter days are so important at all ages! This post is focused on mommy daughter date ideas for young kids. Perfect for ages 3-10 (With some personal adjustments, some activities may even be great for older kids and teenagers as well!)

Any time my husband is going to be away for a day, a night, or even a whole weekend, I jump on the opportunity and immediately start brainstorming mommy daughter day ideas! It always makes my daughter feel SO special, and she talks about it for MONTHS after. It warms my heart so much, and I actually have fun too!

It’s so easy to get lost in the hustle of life…having these mother date dates is an amazing way to truly ENJOY motherhood, and ENJOY your children. Keep in mind that many of these mommy daughter activities would be great for sons as well.

OK…time to put down the phones and have some true QUALITY time with your daughter!

Don’t forget about dad! Check out this post on Daddy Daughter Date Ideas For Toddlers (And Young Kids).

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This is a super fun mommy activity where you’ll have photo memories to last a lifetime! I’m not talking about hiring a professional photographer here…I’m talking just some fun outfits and your camera! (Cellphone camera works perfectly fine!)

You could get some matching outfits to really step it up. I love these beautiful mother daughter dresses!


This is in the top 5 favorite mother daughter activities in my house! My daughter LOVES when I do her nails. We stepped it up a notch and got a fun nail salon set where we can do designs, or fake press on nails. My daughter LOVES it.


Bust out the craft supplies and get creative!


Similar to a craft day, you could also grab some crayons, markers, paint, etc. and make beautiful artwork together! Such a simple mother daughter activity that your child will love.


Take a trip down memory lane and pull out your kiddo’s baby pictures. It’ll be so sweet to show your daughter how loved she always was. (And how cute she’s always been!) You could even take it a step further and go through old photo albums from before your daughter was born. Tell her stories about what was happening in those photos, and perhaps teach her about some relatives that she hasn’t met. Both of my parents passed away before my daughter was born, so this is a VERY important mommy daughter activity for us.


This is such a fun and creative activity to do with your little one. (Bonus: It’s also GREAT for developing skills such as conversation, socialization and creativity!) eeBoo makes these really fun “Create A Story Cards“!


This one gives me flash backs to my childhood! Before tablets and smart phones. Break out those blankets, sheets, couch cushions and whatever else to make the best fort ever!


Who doesn’t love a movie night? I have this set of Popcorn Flavoring, and every time we have a movie night, we divide the popcorn into our own bowls and pick out the flavoring that we want that night. It makes things more fun and special! (I personally love the White Cheddar and Cheesy Jalapeño. My little one is a fan of the Kettle Corn, Caramel Corn, and Ranch!)


This is another one of my child’s favorite mother daughter activities! She LOVES cooking with me. I got this Disney Princess Cookbook which she thinks is the coolest thing ever. She loves picking out a recipe to cook together on our special mommy daughter days. We pick a recipe, go to the grocery store to get all of our ingredients, and then get to cooking!

Don’t forget the Kid Safe Kitchen Knives and Matching Aprons!


I’m a big fan of at-home spa days! Self care is so important, and I want to make sure my daughter recognizes that from a young age. Sometimes we can’t afford to go to an actual spa, but you can totally have an in-home spa day/night with your daughter that is just as good, if not better! They make cool Foot Spas for kiddos. My daughter and I both set up our Foot Spas, put on a face mask, and relax while we watch a movie together and have girl talk. It’s always such a special time! When it’s a mother daughter date, we always use these sheet masks that have the funny animal faces on them.

11. Science Project

Do a fun science experiment together! I’m sure there’s tons of ideas on Pinterest. Or check out this Science Experiment Kit from our good friend Blippi!

12. Tea Party

Pull out the tea set and have a good ol’ fashion tea party with your sweet girl. She’ll love having an actual guest at her tea party, rather then just dolls!

13. Ice Cream Sundae Bar

Your child’s sweet tooth will thank you for this one! Set up with a couple flavors of ice cream, and an array of toppings.

14. Picnic In The Yard

I love this mother daughter activity. It’s so simple, yet so special. Just take your lunch or dinner outside and each together on a blanket.

15. Make Overs

My daughter got this make up set for a birthday and she’s been obsessed with doing make overs ever since. So when choosing between all of the mother daughter date ideas…this one often makes the cut.

16. Plant Flowers

Spruce up your yard with some beautiful new flowers. (We got my daughter a little gardening set that she loves. It makes her feel like a grown up. Whenever her dad and I are doing yardwork she’s always out there with her gardening tools working along side us. It’s too cute.)

17. Make Slime

We can’t escape this one moms…kids love making a playing with slime. You can follow any of the DIY recipes on Pinterest, or Target also sells some little kits that are super affordable and easy to make.

18. Sidewalk Chart Art

Get some fresh air do some sidewalk chalk art! My daughter and I have been doing a lot of Hop Scotch too.

19. Teach Her Something New

Mommy daughter days are a great time to teach your daughter something new. The possibilities are endless, but some ideas we’ve had are: a family recipe, simple sewing, how to do a particular makeup application, or how to draw a particular thing.

20. Conversation Cards

Sometimes it’s hard to have a really good conversation with your kids. You’re busy and they’re going a million miles a minute. Mommy daughter day is a perfect time to really connect with your child. Try these cool Connection Cards For Kids to help you get the most of it!

More Affordable mommy daughter day Ideas

22. Go Out To Lunch/Dinner

This can be anywhere from McDonalds to their favorite restaurant. Whatever your tastebuds and budget are calling for that day! You don’t need to spend a lot of money to make sure daughter feel special and loved.

23. Go To A Ice Cream Shop

Satisfy that sweet tooth!

24. Bouncy House Place

Either a trampoline place or one of those places with the big giant inflatable slides would be an awesome thing to do with your daughter on mommy daughter day!

25. Trip To The Zoo or Aquarium

Fun and educational! Spend the day learning about all kinds of different animals.

mother daughter date ideas post - toddler calendar

26. Go To The Store To Pick Out A Toy

Whether its the dollar store, 5 Below, Target or Walmart, your kiddo will love this mommy daughter activity! You could even have them use their allowance money to teach them about spending. (Check out this post with a Free Toddler Chore Chart)

27. Go To The Park

This mother daughter activity won’t cost you a dime! (Maybe just a little gas money)

28. Go To The Movies

Check out the movies playing at your local theater.

29. Go On A Walk

Go for a nice bonding walk around your neighborhood or local park. Sometimes your kids surprise you with their conversation skills when there are no distracting screens around.

mother daughter date ideas

30. Nail Salon

Talk about a girls day! Book a mommy daughter session at a nail salon in your area.

31. Pool Day

Fun in the sun!

32. Arcade/Dave and Busters

Go have some fun at the local arcade or game place. We have a place called Dave and Busters not too far from us. It has a restaurant, and a BUNCH of fun games where you can win tickets to get some pretty awesome prizes!

mother daughter date ideas

33. Bowling

This is a family favorite activity in our house. The alleys have ball ramps and bumpers that can help your little one keep up.

34. Window Shop In A Small Town

Find a local small town that has cute shops and go window shopping. Talk about all the things you like and don’t like. Maybe make plans to come back after saving up some chore money!

35. Disney On Ice

Check out the Disney On Ice schedule and see when it’ll be near you!

mother daughter date ideas post - toddler calendar

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