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40+ Fun Toddler Snow Day Activities

This post is all about the best toddler snow day activities

toddler snow day activities

Indoor Toddler Snow Day Activities

At-Home Movie Theatre

Frigid cold snow days are the perfect time to cozy up on the coach with your loved ones and have a movie day/night! Grab your favorite movie snacks, beverages, and warm blankets. Step it up a notch and make a fun movie snack tray! (My little one LOVES when we do this!) We make “special popcorn” using these yummy flavor shakers, then add a few other items like candy, fruit, chips, etc. 

Hot Chocolate Bar

We’ll do a hot chocolate bar at our annual Christmas party and it’s always a hit. But who says you have to reserve this fun “activity” for big parties? Definitely on the list of fun toddler snow day activities!

Board Games

Board games are great snow day activities with toddlers. There’s actually quite a few board games that are great for toddlers and young kids. Believe it or not, some of them are even fun for adults too! (At least more fun than playing with barbies and action figures…) 

These are some of my favorite board games/games to play with little ones:

Play Dress Up

If your toddler is anything like my little princess, they LOVE to dress up. Whether it’s dressing up like princesses, firemen, police officers, super heroes, or WHATEVER else…playing dress up as a family can turn any ordinary snow day into a fabulous one!

Cook/Bake Something Yummy

Our little shadows love to mimic our daily activities. So take advantage of the snow day with your toddler and cook up something yummy. Bake some scrumptious cookies, or perhaps whip up a yummy soup in the crockpot to keep everyone warm! (These Child Safe Knives are perfect for letting your little one practice cutting food!)


Reading with our children plays such a substantial role in their mental development. Cuddling up on the couch with a book and some soft blankets screams cozy snow day! You could also go the audiobook route. I personally love audiobooks and podcasts for car rides, but it could also help pass the time when you’re stuck inside with your littles on a cold snow day. (You can get a Free Trial Of Amazon Audible HERE, if you’re not sure if it’s for you.)

Built A Fort

What kid doesn’t like building forts? It’s one of my many favorite childhood memories! It always felt like such a special treat when we got to make a fort in the living room with my family or friends. So when you’re ready to take a break from the freezing cold outside, come inside and warm up by building an epic fort to hang out in! 

There’s also super cool fort building kits you can get to really take your fort to the next level!

Indoor Treasure Hunt

Found It! Indoor Edition is REALLY fun for kiddos, and it can even be fun for adults too! It’s one of my favorite types of games because it’s also sneaky educational! While the whole family is having fun, it’s also helping their phonological awareness, familiarizing them with measurements & opposites, numbers and counting, color recognition and mixing, body, shapes, and more! Highly recommend it! It’s a family favorite in our house.

Floor Is Lava

My daughter learned this “game” in preschool and she’s constantly playing. Whether we’re home, or at the park, inevitably some part of the ground becomes “lava”. So grab some couch cushions and let the floor turn to lava! If you don’t want to ruin your couch cushions, check out these “Stepping Stones” on Amazon that are perfect for placing the Floor is Lava.

Make Jewelry

My daughter loves making jewelry with me. There are all sorts of cute jewelry making kits out there! I like keeping something like this kit on hand, so we always have the material we need for a spontaneous jewelry making party. I don’t save them ALL, but I definitely hold on to a few pieces that my daughter makes me that will always hold a special place in my heart! In my opinion, this is a PERFECT indoor snow day activity! Of course be mindful of your child’s age when determining which jewelry sets/pieces will be safe.

Make Slime

Whether we like it or not…our kids love slime! I know a lot of moms hate it, but I actually don’t mind it. Just grab a plastic table cloth and it doesn’t make a mess at all! (Parent supervision required of course!)

Play-Doh Fun

Slime just isn’t your thing? That’s okay! Nothing wrong with some good old fashioned play doh! They make such cool play doh sets these days, it’s always a good time. And honestly you don’t even NEED any of the cool kits. Just grab a couple containers of play-doh for hours of fun.


If your toddler is keeping you out in the cold snow too long, give them some incentive to go inside! Grab the paint and paper or whatever else you have on hand to paint, and have a fun craft painting day. Whether we’re looking for toddler snow day activities, rainy day activities…my daughter will ALWAYS choose painting!

Paint Rocks

Whether you have a fun Rock Painting Kit or not, painting rocks is a super simple, yet fun thing to do inside on a snow day with toddlers, or kids of any age really. I like to save the ones that my little one paints and put them in an area of our garden outside. You could also put them in your flower pots! (Indoor or outdoor) I just cover them with Mod Podge once they dry, to help keep them good as new!

Make Snowball Treats

With FRESHLY fallen snow, you could make snowballs! Just grab some snowball flavoring, and some fresh fallen snow, and you’re all set! 

at-home Spa Day

My daughter and I LOVE having spa days at home! Once you have the foot spas, you can have countless at-home spa days without spending a dime! Soaking your feet in some warm water after playing in the frigid snow all day is heaven on earth! (My husband got me THIS FOOT SPA for Christmas and I’m obsessed. It gets nice and HOT, and the massagers are fantastic. Usually these things either hurt my feet, or I don’t feel anything. This one is PERFECT in my opinion) Then we got our daughter a little foot spa of her own! It has a little waterfall, and it comes with some spa salts to really make it an experience. After a busy day doing ALL the toddler snow day activities, you AND your toddler will need some pampering!

I used my Cricut to make ours super cute!

Don’t forget the sheet masks! #SkinCare!

Indoor Picnic Lunch

One of my favorite things about little kids is how easily amused they are. Everything is so exciting from a child’s eyes! You don’t have to put a ton of effort in to make super special memories with your kiddos. So on your next snow day with your toddler, lay out a blanket on the living room floor and have an indoor picnic for lunch or dinner!

Dance Party/Dance Off

Toddlers seem to get extra hyper on snow days! Get those sillies out with a fun family dance party! My little one LOVES doing freeze dances. (There’s TONs of Freeze Dances on YouTube)

Fun Indoor Games To Play On A Snow Day With Toddlers

  1. Pie Face
  1. Alphabet BINGO
  1. Charades for Kids (No Reading Required)
  1. Matching Game
  1. Hungry Hungry Hippos (Dino Edition!)
  1. Bean Bag Toss
  1. Floor Is Lava Game

Outdoor Toddler Snow Day Activities

Scavenger Hunt

Go on a Snow Day Scavenger Hunt outside! Look for things like birds, gloves, something blue, pine cone, icicles, sled, wreath, boots, rock, etc.

Snow Shoeing

I would recommend this for older toddlers or kids. But it’s great exercise for the whole family! Every snow day you can go on a family snowshoeing walk! 

Build A Snowman

Did you even have a childhood if you’ve never built a snowman!? 

Snow Angels

Make a family of snow angels! Be sure to make one next to your toddler’s snow angel and take a picture! It’ll be so much to look back at how little they used to be!

Snowball Fight

Another oldie but goodie snow day activity! They make these cool snowball molds now so you can make snowballs quicker, and way cooler! These come in extra handy with the little toddlers since you’ll often find yourself needing to help them make their snowballs. 

Dig For Treasure

I LOVE this snow day activity for toddlers. Grab some toys that won’t be ruined by getting snow on them, and bury them in the snow. Then, give your little one a kid’s shovel, and have them “dig for the treasure”! You could even bury toys in a few different spots around the yard, and use spray paint to make an “X”  where it’s buried. (“X Marks the spot!”) If you REALLY want to take it to the next level, you can draw out a Pirate Map to lead them to the treasures!

Snow Kitchen

This one is especially easy if you already have an outdoor play kitchen. But if you don’t, no sweat! Just grab some play bowls and kitchen accessories (or use stuff from your own kitchen) and let them play chef with the snow! It’s similar to the concept of mud kitchen…but not as messy!


Sledding is seriously one of the best parts of snow days for kids! (And adults!) So if you get the right kind of snow, get out there and go sledding! My brother and I also loved snow tubing down our hills when we were kids. 

Animal Tracking

My toddler loves animal tracking on snow days! Just find and follow some animal tracks and see where it leads you! (Depending where you live, obviously don’t follow any dangerous tracks! lol) But maybe you’ll find your way to some deer, or bunnies! Even if you don’t find any animals your toddler will have a great adventure following animal tracks and discussing what they think the animal was doing!


Paint Snow

Why not?! Pack some snow, and break out the paint, and have a painting party in the snow for one of your toddler snow day activites! 

Build An Igloo

This snow day activity takes some commitment, but it’s SO cool once you have it built, and the process of building it is a great lesson in teamwork for toddlers, and older kids too! They make these really cool igloo “brick” molds now to help make it easier!

Tic Tac Snow

For a super simple thing to do in the snow with toddlers and little ones, you could play Tic Tac Snow. You just “draw” a tic tac toe board in the snow with your finger or a stick. Then you can use painted rocks, or two different colored sets of toys to mark the “X’s” and “O’s”.

Shovel Driveway(s)

Toddlers can only be so much help shoveling snow. (A.K.A. No help. LOL!) But it still instills a great lesson, and the driveway needs to be shoveled anyway, so let them help with their little shovel! Growing up, my parents always shoveled the driveways in our neighborhood of elderly people, single moms, and other people that they knew could use a helping hand. That really stuck with me, and had a powerful impact on the adults that my brother and I grew to be. 

Hot Cocoa Stand

Everyone does lemonade stands in the summer, but why don’t more people do hot chocolate stands! This is a MUST if you live in a neighborhood! When searching for snow day activities with toddlers, why not let your little one earn a few extra bucks at the same time?

Snowball Target Practice

Another simple outdoor snow day activity to do with your toddler. Set up some target practice and throw snowballs at the targets! You can stack some cups and throw snowballs to knock down the cups. 

snowball Baseball

Snowballs make for PERFECT baseballs for little ones! Sure, when they hit it with the bat it’ll explode, but that’s all part of the fun! 

I hope this post helps You Find The Perfect toddler snow day activities!

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toddler snow day activities
toddler snow day activities
toddler snow day activities