Potty Training Chart-How To Potty Train Your Toddler!

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Struggling with potty training? You’ve tried EVERYTHING and your toddler still won’t use the potty? Try out this potty training chart and you’ll see almost immediate improvement!


My toddler just wasn’t getting a grasp on potty training! She simply couldn’t be bothered with it. Why stop playing to go to the bathroom, when you can just go in your pants? I mean, she has a point, I guess! When we introduced this potty training chart it totally flipped the script! 

I was not interested in doing the “Cold turkey” method where you have them run around naked, while you chase after them all day cleaning up pee and poop off your floor and furniture! 

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Her doctors had suggested doing a low stress method because 2 years old is still young, and most kids don’t get the hang of it until 3-3.5 years old. But after like 4 months of no improvements other than a few peepees in the potty each day (Sometimes less), I decided to draft up a potty training chart!

We saw almost immediate success with this, so I wanted to share it with my fellow mamas! 

My 2 year old is now super excited to use the potty and put a sticker on her chart, working her way up to a “mega prize”. She’s been regularly telling us when she needs to use the potty and keeping a dry diaper!

Tips On How To Use The Potty Training Chart:

  1. Print the Potty Training Chart only once by putting it in these laminating sheets.
  2. Get some fun stickers. (I really like this roll of Motivational Reward Stickers. It comes with 1000 stickers, so you’ll be all set for a while!)
  3. Your child will get to pick out a sticker to put on the chart every time they: go pee pee,  poop, tell an adult that they need to go potty, and when they remember to flush!)
  4. The potty training chart starts fresh everyday. When they get 5 stickers in a row on the same day they get a mega prize!
  5. Ideas for mega prizes we have used: candy, dessert of some sort, or a very small toy. (Get this affordable box of 35 small reward toys, and your toddler could pick out a toy from bin when they earn a mega prize!)