Diaper Bag Essentials:What To Pack In A Diaper Bag

Diaper Bag Essentials + A FREE Diaper Bag Checklist

Mom life gets pretty chaotic at times. One of the best things that moms can do to combat the crazy is to always be PREPARED. This is especially important when you’re out and about. That’s why it’s crucial to have a well-packed diaper bag with ALL of the diaper bag essentials!

It’s inevitable that while you’re running around town with your baby they’re going to get hungry, dirty, cranky, and who knows what other tricks they have up their sleeves!

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This images shows a diaper bag essentials checklist. It lists out all of the items you need to pack in your diaper bag.

Choosing The Best Diaper Bag

When picking out your diaper bag you want to make sure it meets this criteria:

  1. Easy To Carry
  2. Multiple Sections and Compartments
  3. Water Proof/Easy To Clean
  4. Plenty of Room Without Being OVERLY Bulky

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Most moms prefer a backpack style, and it’s for good reason. The design allows for plenty of compartments and it’s the easiest style to carry around. You’re lugging a baby and/or a heavy baby carrier around, you don’t want to have a diaper bag that constantly sliding off your shoulders.

This highly rated and best selling Diaper Bag is the PERFECT choice. Plus it comes in 8 different color options so you can feel stylish too.


Diaper Bag Essentials:


Pack 1 diaper for every 2 hours that you’re going to be out plus 2 extra in case the unexpected happens. (I prefer Huggies Gentle Skin Protection…the other brands would give my baby such bad diaper rash)


Always make sure you have a pack of wipes. If the wipe container is getting low, either add an additional one, or switch it out for a new one. You can put the one that’s running low in your diaper changing station at home.

Diaper Cream

Use travel size to save space, or check out this really convenient Diaper Rash Roll On Balm for an easy and less messy option. It’s meant for 100% natural and built for sensitive skin.

Wet/Dry Bags or Small Trash Bags

There may not be a trash can nearby at the exact moment you need it. So you’ll need to have wet/dry bags to put wet/dirty diapers, or dirty clothes if your baby spits up or spills.

Burp Clothes

Have a burp cloth in your diaper bag to wipe up quick messes, and for burping your baby after feedings.

Hand Sanitizer

Keep a small travel friendly hand sanitizer in your bag for you to use after changing dirty diapers. It’d be a good idea to get these Purell Wipes Travel Pack because you can use them for hands, but also to wipe down surfaces. If I’m ever using public changing tables, I ALWAYS wipe them down first with these wipes.

Food For Baby

Depending on how you feed your baby, you’ll of course need either baby formula, breast milk (if pumping), bottles and/or baby food for older infants.

At Least 2 Changes of Clothes

For the spit ups, spills and blow outs.


For the summer you’ll need a hat to block the sun. In the winter you need a hat to keep them warm.

Sunscreen (6 months+)

If you’re going to be out in the sun, be sure to have sunscreen in your diaper bag. For younger infants that can’t use sunscreen, be sure you’re shielding them with hats and light blankets.

Light Blanket

Year round, a light blanket is a definitely diaper bag essential. You’ll use it to shield your baby from the sun, drape over their carrier when they’re sleeping, cover them if they get chilly, etc.


Pack 2-3 small favorite toys to soothe a fussy baby.

Light Snacks

For older infants and/or toddlers, light snacks are a HUGE diaper bag essential. Gerbers Puffs are a really simple option to include. If you prefer to go more natural, then check out these clear reusable storage bags. You can pack them with healthy snacks such as cut up fruits.

Band Aides

Because booboos happen. The Welly Bravery Badges are a favorite among many moms. The small tin fits well in your diaper bag.

Water bottles

If you’re formula feeding, or for toddlers, an extra bottle of water should always be included in your diaper bag.

Things To Include On Your Diaper Bag Checklist, That Aren’t TOTALLY Necessary…But Are Nice To Have

Packing Your Diaper Bag Like A Pro

Here’s some tips on how to pack your diaper bag:

Stay organized people! – Keep different categories of items in separate sections. For example, all feeding stuff should be in the same section. Then all clothing things should be in a different section/pocket. When you’re out in public dealing with a screaming baby, or the oh-so-dreaded “blow out”, you’re going to want to know EXACTLY where to grab what you need.

Pre-Portion Your Bottles – For formula feeding mamas, use these sectioned formula dispensers, and have your bottles pre-filled with the appropriate amount of water. Have an extra bottle of water in your bag though in case you underestimated how hungry your little one was going to be. Breastfeeding moms who pump, have your pre-filled bottles with cooler packs ready to roll.

Avoid The Mess – Have you ever gone on a vacation, and when you get to your hotel and open your suitcase you find that your shampoo bottle exploded all over everything? Yeah…let’s not do that with our diaper bags. Keep things like the diaper cream and sunscreen in little baggies.


(This would also be really nice to include in a baby shower gift for a friend!)

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