Mom Burnout: 10 Healthy Habits That Help Moms Feel Recharged

This post is all about mom burnout.

mom burnout

As moms, it’s hard to keep up with all the demands of parenting and the day to day chaos of life. This article discusses 10 easy-to-implement habits that can help to recharge your batteries and provide a little bit of respite from the chaos. Mom burnout is all too real, and it’s so important to prioritize your mental health!

From getting outdoors to keeping a gratitude journal; the simple habits outlined in this article help you make time for much needed self-care. Making small but meaningful changes in your daily routine can help you prioritize your mental health and stay energized and ready to meet the demands of parenting. It’s easy to get down on yourself and put a lot of unnecessary pressure on yourself. But carving out time for your own well-being is essential for avoiding burnout. By putting these habits into practice, you ensure that you’re taking the necessary steps to help promote your own personal health and happiness.

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10 Healthy Habits To Avoid Mom Burnout

1. Say No

Learn the beautiful art of saying NO! One of the biggest causes of mom burnout is feeling like you have to say yes to everything, and everyone. Whether it’s a classmate’s birthday party, family gathering, event with friends, someone needing a favor, or anything else…it’s okay to say no. Being a compulsive people-pleaser will leave you feeling like you’re on the edge of a mental breakdown before long. Don’t over commit yourself to more than you can handle, while still maintaining a healthy headspace.

2. Schedule Time For Yourself

I am so tired of hearing the excuse that it’s “impossible” to schedule time for yourself when you have children. The length of time you can schedule for yourself may vary based on different life scenarios, however everyone can schedule AT LEAST 10 minutes a day for themselves. Ideally, I would say schedule 30 minutes to an hour for yourself. Have someone else watch over the kids for that time, such as a spouse, a grandparent, or friend.

If that’s not realistic for your life, then just schedule 10 minutes a day for yourself. Put a tv show on for your little one, give them their tablet, or set them up with something that they can safely entertain themselves with for 10+ minutes.

Don’t use this time to work on laundry, dishes or other household chores. Use this time for YOU. Here are some ideas of things you can do in a short amount of time to help with the mom burnout:

  • Do some pages from a Self-Help Work Book
  • Read a chapter from a book
  • Scroll social media (Keep your newsfeed mentally healthy by only following those people that bring positivity to your life)
  • Medidate
  • Relax outside in some fresh air
  • Write in a journal
  • Relax with a nice skincare face mask
  • Paint your nails
  • Read an article

3. Get Moving Outside

Get outside and active! Physical activity can do wonders for your mental health and avoiding that mom burnout. Put your baby in a stroller, or gather the kids and go for a walk outside. Walking is so therapeutic, and since you’re getting exercise you’ll feel better physically too!

4. Eat Healthy

Skip the drive-thru and eat something healthy instead. While that yummy burger and fries will feel good in the moment, it’ll leave you feeling bloated and groggy the rest of the day. If you’re feeling good physically, it will help you stay on track mentally for your day!

5. Use a Planner

Are you overwhelmed with managing day-to-day tasks as a busy mom? Time-blocking and a physical planner can help you make the most of your time and life! I’m a big proponent of this technique, which has relieved me of needless stress and allowed me to get more done and enjoy my life. It’s an easy and helpful way to combat the feeling of being scatterbrained. This Fire Fox Planner is by far my favorite physical planner! Give it a try!

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6. Put Down Your Phone

Put down your phone when you’re with your kids. It’s ironic that I even saw this advice on social media – but when I dug deeper, I realized how much stress and annoyance I was causing myself. I was constantly being interrupted by notifications, and it felt like no matter what I was trying to do, I was being constantly distracted by my phone. You’re also putting yourself in a position to get frustrated with your kids because they “interrupt” you when you’re trying to look at something online.

Sure, it’s alright to occasionally check your phone throughout the day – but when spending time with your kids, it’s worth it to really be present and in the moment with them. Forget about what’s happening on social media for a moment, and give your kids the fullest attention you can! It’s all about focusing on one thing at a time, and not trying to mentally juggle multiple things at the same time.

7. Demand a Fair Partnership With Your Spouse

Let me say it louder for those in the back…DEMAND A FAIR PARTNERSHIP WITH YOUR SPOUSE! Whether you’re a working parent or a stay-at-home parent…you deserve an equal partnership when it comes to childcare and household tasks.

If you work outside of the home, when you and your spouse get home the childcare and household tasks should be split as evenly as possible. If you are a stay-at-home parent, when your spouse gets home, the childcare and household tasks are now both of your responsibilities. It’s unfair and far too common that when a spouse gets home from work, they are “off duty” for the day and get to relax, whereas the stay-at-home parent is expected to continue carrying the burden of of their workload 24/7, with no help from their partner. Moms, it’s time to advocate for fair division of labor between partners and end this unfair trend!

8. Set Realistic Expectations

Moms, don’t compare yourselves to Susie-Homemaker down the street! Even if she has an impossibly spotless house and is constantly planning crazy activities for her kids, you don’t know what help she may have or how close she is to a meltdown.

That’s why it’s important to set realistic expectations for yourself and your home. You don’t need a perfect house, and sometimes the most educational thing your kid does in a day is run around the backyard collecting rocks—and that’s okay! What matters is that you create a healthy, loving home for your children. That’s what they will remember, and that’s what will shape them.

9. Use Selfcare/De-Stress Workbooks

The Burnout Workbook is a great resource to help you work through your stressors, how you’re currently handling the stress, and how you can put an end to the burnout. I like utilizing workbooks like this because not only is it therapeutic, but it also forces you to take some time to yourself, and truly FOCUS on yourself. Dedicate 10 minutes a day to this activity, and it can do wonders for your mental health!

10. Remember to have Fun With Your Kids

As moms, we often get stuck in the chaos of life, forgetting that our children are growing up and we’re missing out. Here’s some advice: give yourself permission to have some fun with your kids and let loose. By playing games together, crafting, dancing, and just having fun, we can truly experience the joy of being a kid again. So the next time you want to let loose, do it with your kids and make some lasting memories!

Follow those 10 healthy habits to avoid mom burnout and you’ll be a MUCH happier mom!


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